About us

The PF partnership was founded in 2005, when it started its business in shoe industry, specializing in felt products. The company has gained clients’ trust which has strengthen its position in national and international market for the last ten years.

The turning point came in 2010, when the company started expansion to the Soviet Union and North America.


  • Men felt slippers
  • Women felt slippers
  • Men leather slippers
  • Women leather slippers
  • Carpet slippers
  • Handbags

Our assets

A lot of our clients resigned from Asian services and started cooperating with us, because we guarantee:

  • lack of commodity brokers
  • patents
  • production, not import
  • European quality, Asian price
  • possibility of easy contact, because of central European location
  • European materials
  • short realization time
  • acceptance of each and every order (without minimal number of products)
  • great choice of products
  • delivery of products
  • shipping around the EU and overseas